TeamSnap for iPhone and iPad Just Got Bigger and Better

paymentsWe’re always excited about a new release of our iPhone and iPad app, but this one is so bold and robust that we’re starting to sound like a coffee commercial. Introducing TeamSnap 2.2 for iOS. As always it’s free and available for download or upgrade now through the App Store. Here’s what’s new:

Payments – Now you have access to all your team payments information right at the field. See who’s paid, record checks as you receive them, adjust the amount owed or enter notes when someone tells you they’ll pay you next week (yeah right!).

Item Tracking – The ever-flexible tracking tab from the TeamSnap website is now on mobile. Track those things you track, whether it’s waivers, volunteer spots or whose turn it is to wear the mascot costume.

Availability Notes – Enter or edit the notes that go with availability, so you can see why people aren’t at the game or tell your coach you’ll be late due to that PTA meeting.

Location and Opponent Editing – Need to change details about a location or opponent on the go … now you can!

Club and League Division Browsing – If you’re one of our club or league commissioners you’ll no longer see all of your teams on the main screen, but instead have a handy division navigation structure. Much more convenient if you administer dozens or hundreds of teams.

French Language Support – For our French-speaking customers, TeamSnap for iOS now speaks your language. If your phone or iPad is in French, TeamSnap will be too!

And Many Bug Fixes and Tweaks – As with every release, we’ve made the app more reliable and stable for your TeamSnapping pleasure.

We’re super-excited for you to take a whirl with the newest version of TeamSnap for iOS, so head on over to your favorite device and download or update today. Let us know how you like it!


Roger Smith  

Android is killing Iphones in Market share regularly, so why do we always have to wait for the Droid version of these updates? When will it be ready?

Wade Minter  

Hi Roger,

We just hired a full-time Android developer whose job it will be to improve our Android app. While we still see much more TeamSnap activity on Apple platforms at present, we recognize the Android market share and have made a hire specifically to address that!

Alunda Edmonds  

Hi! Is it possible to add Files via the app? It doesn’t appear to be, but I’m not sure if I’m just missing it somehow. Thanks!

Wade Minter  

Not yet, unfortunately. Apple’s devices treat files a little differently, and it’s not something we have added yet to Android. We’re continuing to work on it, though!

Daryl O  

I’m also an Android user and a TeamSnap team manager. Glad to hear that your support for Android will be enhanced going forward. I’m curious what percent of the mobile user traffic you see comes from Apple devices vs. Android devices, if you can share that? Just a rough estimate, and purely for curiosity’s sake.

Wade Minter  

We see roughly 5x the traffic on iOS devices as we do on Android ones right now, though it’s slowly moving closer to parity.

Ant C  

Am I able to update my league website from my phone ??? Like field conditions or time changes ??

Wade Minter  

Hi Ant – at this point, functionality for league-managed teams is somewhat limited, but it’s something we’re looking at improving in future releases!

Brad V  

Hi guys! Love teamsnap and the app… a few things I can’t do from the app that I’d like to do:

1. Change player availability as an administrator. I only see how to change availability for the player you’re logged in as. If I know someone’s not going to be around, I’d like to be able to tell our coaches ASAP.

2. Read the availability notes. I found out the hard way that I can only read the first 30 characters or so, and it caused a misunderstanding. I can read the entire note on the computer, just not on the app.

If I’m missing something and I should be able to do these things, please let me know! My thanks for a great product!

Brad V
Youth Soccer Coach and Manager

Wade Minter  

Hi Brad,

For question #1, team managers can absolutely change player availability. To do so, you’d go to your event in the “Schedule and Availability” area, go to the “Team Availability” selector in the first section, then choose the “Edit” button at the top. You can then touch the player to set their availability, or use the “reorder” area on the right to drag them into the proper availability bucket.

For #2, you’re right, that’s getting cut off. I’ll send that over to our iPhone developers to address in a future release!


would love to see BB10 support… have a ton of business people with kids… and we are getting left out of this great tool

Wade Minter  

Thanks Keith – we’re currently investigating the possibility of porting our Android app over to the BB10 platform. No promises or ETA, but we _are_ actively researching it.

russell baron  

The Andorid app does not have payment tracking yet nor does it have the ability to enter repeating events like practices

Wade Minter  

Hi Russell – hang tight, both of those things are on our plan for future development. We just released a big update to Android, and are continuing to work to get it up to feature parity with our iOS app!



I would like to know if it will be possible in the future to select specific player for specific events.

For example, I have a soccer team, and every Friday, there is a specific practice only for goalkeepers. I would like them to be the only one to receive notification…not the whole team.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks and keep the good work!

Wade Minter  

Hi Philippe,

At this point, we don’t have any way to automatically segment things like automatic notifications to your team. It’s something that we’re looking at for future development, but we don’t have a timeline.

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