Introducing TeamSnap for Android 3.0: Now Both Pretty and Awesome

scheduleWe’re super excited today to take the wraps off TeamSnap 3.0 for Android. It’s our biggest Android release yet, and we think you’re going to love it.

The first thing you’ll notice is a spiffy new look.

We’re updating the design of TeamSnap everywhere, and Android users are getting the new makeover first.

We want to make sure TeamSnap looks modern, friendly and approachable on all your devices — phones, tablets, browsers — on every platform.

But it’s more than just a pretty face, because we’ve done everything possible to make the app speedier. Thanks to some major work under the hood, you should now find your TeamSnap Android experience to be overall snappier. You want to locate your next game or look up the coach’s phone number as quickly as possible, and this release is a jump forward in how fast the app runs.

But speed is also about how fast you can get to the information you need, so we’ve moved some key tasks front and center in the app. Our redesigned Schedule screen now has a widget for setting your availability for each game and event. No more drilling into each individual event to event-detailset availability, just fire up the Schedule screen and set and confirm your availability with a quick tap-tap-tap. We’ve also made the game/event detail screens easier to read so you can get all the scoop you need at a quick glance.

Those are just a few of the big things, but there’s much more:

Want to copy someone from your TeamSnap roster to your device’s address book? Boom! One click. Done.

Higher-resolution photos? We got ‘em.

Easier to use Facebook login? You bet.

And of course, there are dozens of little tweaks and bug fixes to make your TeamSnap experience on Android better than ever.

If you don’t yet have TeamSnap 3.0 for Android, hop over to the Google Play store and grab it. It’s free! If you already have it, be sure to upgrade to this great new version.

We hope you’re delighted by this new release, and we’d love to know what you think. Comment here, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter to give us your feedback. A few surprises are in store for version 3.1, so stay tuned!



What about a Windows Phone app? There used to be a 3rd party app and it no longer works.

Stephanie Myers  

Hi there, unfortunately, the maker of that app, Champion, wasn’t seeing enough traction and actually discontinued the app. We’ll continue to keep an eye on the mobile market though, including Windows.


App no longer works on Samsung Galaxy S2. My family has used the app for two years and now with the upgrade this phone is no longer supported. So do I have have to buy a new phone to use it? No warning, I went to upgrade the app on my device and after an hour of trying to figure out why it wouldn’t upgrade, I deleted the app and decided to start from scratch. I went to TeamSnap and went to the mobile download page. Hit the GooglePlay button and nothing happened. I went to Google Play and found out the device isn’t supported.

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Steve! Thanks for being such a long-time user! The TeamSnap app works with the S2, but it sounds like your phone’s software could be out of date, and that might be what’s causing issues. TeamSnap requires Android 4.0 and up to operate. If you want to try updating your phone to Android 4.1.2, just follow the instructions here: Then try downloading (or updating) TeamSnap again. If you run into any more issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thanks again!

Gene Derner  

Please…please…please consider a Windows Phone App. Thank you.


Why do you resist building a proper Windows Phone 8.1 App? It’s really not that difficult for professional Developers. I’m forced to use your application by my son’s team, and I’m extremely annoyed. I could build an app, but I doubt you publish a proper developer API. The Champion developer probably had to gather data from the web server and without a manual. I’m sure that was fun. Please build a Windows Phone 8.1 App, you can do it!

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Dave, thanks for writing in! We’ll continue to keep an eye on the need for a Windows app. But in the meantime, it sounds like you’d like to build one! Here’s a link to our API program (and manual), which is what our own mobile apps use:


My name is TJ and I am a first time user. I am having a small trouble with the scheduling/calendar feature. The practices/games were loaded into Teamsnap, and I have the calendars exporting to google calendar; the problem is the times in Google calendar are showing up two hours later than when they should be(when I click on the individual practice in google calendar on my smartphone, the times are shown in both pacific time and central. The team is U9 GALAXY SOCCER TEAM? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Ken McDonald  

TJ, that issue is almost always due to the time zone for the team being set to something other than the timezone for your phone. If you are the team manager, go to the Manager tab and then Team Settings and confirm that the time zone is correct. If are not a team manager, you will want to ask your team manager to check that setting.

If that doesn’t solve it, drop us a line at

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