A Message from TeamSnap CEO Dave DuPont

2013 was a fabulous year for TeamSnap and 2014 is off to a great start with some big news – today we’re announcing a $7.5 million investment round led by The Foundry Group.

The past year was filled with milestones: We passed the five million customer mark, released substantial updates to our web, iOS and Android apps, grew mobile usage by over 325%, acquired the customers and assets of Weplay and Rteamsite, partnered with hundreds of new clubs and leagues and became the undisputed leader in team management. All the while, we stayed relentlessly focused on our core mission – to make it easier to play, coach and organize sports and activities.

But as successful as 2013 was, we weren’t satisfied.


From the Desk of CEO Dave DuPont

In talking to our customers every day, we realized that there was still so much more we could do to make your lives easier. The list of features, refinements and ideas we have to improve TeamSnap is very long. So as last year drew toward a close, we began discussing whether to seek additional investment to move even faster for our customers.

One of the first places we turned to for advice was The Foundry Group, the acclaimed venture capital firm with offices just down the street from our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Since Day One, Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson and the team at The Foundry Group have been extraordinarily generous with advice, support and mentorship as TeamSnap grew from an idea to an industry leader. As friends and neighbors in the Boulder startup community, we expected The Foundry Group would have sage insight on how and where to seek funding; what we didn’t expect is that they would offer to lead the investment round themselves.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with The Foundry Group. Far from just being “investors” they are well-known as incredible business coaches and partners for growing companies. From founding TechStars to authoring well-known books and blogs, The Foundry Group has helped and inspired so many businesses. Their theme of investing in companies that have raving fans is a perfect match for TeamSnap, and this partnership is a great fit.

With this investment, we’ll be able to do much more for our customers. You can expect mobile features that make it faster and easier for coaches and players to succeed at the game or practice. We’ll be adding new partners and improving our API to make it easier for third parties to plug into TeamSnap and provide services for our customers. We’ll improve club and league features so that TeamSnap works at every organizational level. We’ll be in more countries and more languages. And we’ll continue to ask ourselves (and you) every day what we can do to make TeamSnap an indispensable part of your life. We want you to spend more time playing and less time organizing.

We’ll also keep investing in world-class people, because we think the TeamSnap difference isn’t our software but the relationships we have with our customers. The coaches, parents, players and fans who use TeamSnap every day are some of the nicest, most dedicated and supportive people we’ve ever met. We hope that when you talk to TeamSnap — whether it’s asking questions of our support team, sending suggestions to our product team or interacting with our social media team — you feel the same way.

I’d like to close by offering my heartfelt thanks to all of the TeamSnap customers who have taken the time to give us feedback, share your experiences and spread the word. We couldn’t be more excited for 2014 and beyond, and we’re honored every day to know that you’ve chosen to join us in this journey. Thank you for your support. We’ll see you at the game!

Dave DuPont


Brad Schultz  

Team Snap has been just a great communication tool which assists us in managing our players and roster. This system has save me countless hours on the phone in confirming our pregame number. Keep up the great work.


Thanks, Brad. Glad to hear TeamSnap is working for you.

Jim Routh  

Congrats Brad and team. I use TeamSnap almost daily and can attest to the fact that it adds tremendous value. Looking forward to seeing the next gen product.

Tom M  

Congrats on the funding. TeamSnap is great app and extremely valuable to our coaches and team. Look forward to continued improvements.

Greg B  

Congrats! Keep up the great work.


Thanks Teamsnap in helping to keep track who is coming to Games.. Practice… and any other event … No more phone call…


Genious. ….. This saves me all the time. So glad to hear
All the good news. Thank you for providing and making our lives
So much easier and organized


I would lik e to see the android app updated for the free version to include payments too!

Ian Dyer  

HUGE possible improvement: Paypal just started letting certain 3rd party vendors (like Freshbooks) offer ACH for $0.50 per transaction. Not 3%. Fifty cents! Most at Paypal don’t even know about it. I just happened on it through Google. TeamSnap is big enough that TeamSnap can get approved as one of their 3rd party vendors. You already don’t add any fees to Paypal. This would save your customers (like me) SO much money, without costing TeamSnap much if anything. It would take an already great product and make it WAY better. And it would be a huge financial help to all the leagues, taking the 2.2% to 2.9% plus $0.30 that we pay Paypal, and turning it into a straight $0.50 for all customers who can pay by check.


Congratulations to Teamsnap! Your service is tremendously useful to our coaches, parents and athletes!

As for the association with Paypal, i entirely agree with the idea of revenue generation for Teamsnap. However, after a certain volume of transactions, i believe that it is $3,000 cumulative, Paypal requires a significant amount of personal banking information before the user can continue to use his/her Paypal account. I personally am not prepared to provide that information to Paypal so i can no longer use my Paypal account. So i would recommend that there remains another mode for payment.

Dave DuPont  

Thanks for the positive feedback, Cendrine, and the valuable feedback about Paypal.


Your tech support sucks Cant get in touch with anyone and none of the links work correctly for me.

you need a phone number ant find anything on the web site.

This is causing me to waist my valuable time.

Lets see if anything happens here

Wade Minter  

Hi Don – we don’t currently offer phone support, but our email support should be working (support@teamsnap.com). I’ve sent this on to them, and if you can point us to broken links, we’ll get right on fixing them!

The support team should reach out to you shortly!

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