What’s New at TeamSnap

Our dev team has been hard at work this month, and while we have a few things coming up that we’re not quite ready to announce, we did want to give a quick update on a few enhancements and changes that you may not have noticed.

Reply-All on Team Emails

TeamSnap has a great Team Email Address feature for sending emails to the entire team (or parts of the team) right from your email program. In the past, when you sent one of these emails replies would come back to the sender. But we found out that some people wanted to use this feature more like a mailing list — where replies go back to everyone on the list — so we’ve added that as a preference. You’ll find it under Manager > Public Access.

At the same time, we’ve disabled the ability to show all email addresses when sending team emails from the Messages tab. It was causing spam issues for a lot of people, so until we solve that issue emails sent from the Messages tab will only have the option of replying to the sender.

Disabling Bounced Email Addresses

Sometimes people on  your roster change email addresses but forget to update their email in TeamSnap. Now when emails bounce, we disable the address to prevent repeated bounces and send the team manager a note explaining what happened. This makes it easier to manage, troubleshoot and fix incorrect / unreachable addresses on your roster.

Photo Exporting

Need to get all of your photos out of TeamSnap? Now it’s easy with the Photo Export button. Managers can grab an archive of ALL the team photos by clicking on the “Export to .zip file” button in Manager > Team Settings. The photos will all get bundled up and you’ll get a link by email where you can download them.

Big Additions to TeamSnap for Leagues and Clubs

Our TeamSnap for Leagues and Clubs product takes TeamSnap and adds management features for running entire leagues and clubs. Recently we rolled out three great additions:

League Scheduling – Create the schedule for all your teams in one place. Games are linked between teams and changes/updates/scores are reflected on all team sites. And each team can also include their own non-league games and exhibitions.

League Rosters – Manage dozens or hundreds of players from one single interface. You can add and delete players, move them between teams or leave them unassigned. Searching and filtering is lightning-quick and with our registration partners we offer a complete registration and player management solution.

League Hierarchies – Rolling out in the next couple weeks, leagues and clubs can now have any number of divisions or hierarchies. We’re flexible enough to work with any league structure.

To learn more about TeamSnap for Leagues and Clubs for your league or club, drop us a note.

More to Come

It’s going to be a great autumn at TeamSnap where we’ll be rolling out some much requested new features. We’re excited for this new season and we hope you are too.