TeamSnap launches out of beta

We are very pleased to announce that TeamSnap has launched out of beta. We’ll be rolling out our new plans to users over the next couple weeks, but the best news is that for many teams, TeamSnap will remain FREE!

You can read more about our plans and pricing, but in a nutshell the base TeamSnap service remains free and ad-supported. If you prefer not to view (unobtrusive) ads, just $2.95/month removes ads for your entire team.

There are additional add-ons that include our Statistics module, and a Jumbo Storage plan for teams wishing to upload and store lots and lots of photos. We hope you’ll agree that TeamSnap remains the best way to manage your team, with costs ranging from FREE to cheap.

We’d like to thank the thousands of teams and users who have given us amazing feedback during the beta period and helped to shape the TeamSnap you see today. Be assured that we have MANY MORE great features coming in the near future, but all features will continue to follow our belief that managing your sports team should first and foremost be EASY.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our new plans. As always, we strive to make TeamSnap work for you.

Thanks from the entire TeamSnap Team!

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