Our newest release – calendar view and more

We just went live this week with our latest release, incorporating a few nifty new features.

First up, the much-requested calendar view. Click on the Schedule tab and you will see you can now choose between two views: the familiar List View and the newfangled Calendar View. Pick the one you prefer, or toggle between the two. It’s snappy-fast!

To enhance Calendar View, your Player Profile now includes a birthdate field so you can be wished a happy birthday on the calendar. Don’t want to trumpet your age to the rest of your team (and let’s just say that my Over-35 hockey team is, in some cases WAY over 35) – no problem. You can choose to hide your age so that your teammates will be none the wiser.

We’ve also added an “Other Phone” field for those who still have pagers in the year 2008. You know who you are. 🙂

Other enhancements:

  1. A pop-up menu in your player profile to select your preferred phone number. That makes your preferred phone number bold so people know where to call first.
  2. On the “Email the Team” page, we’ve broken it out into Player and Non-Players to make it quicker to select just one group or the other.
  3. Need a weather forecast for your game. Have your manager enter your team zipcode in the Manager Settings tab and you get weather on your home page.
  4. Emails sent via TeamSnap now use a background process so that sending is faster and smoother.
  5. For those who like eye candy, hiding and showing tabs (Managers Only) is smoothly animated.

And one “unenhancement”…

You may have noticed that TeamSnap emails were being sent with fancy HTML formatting this week. We liked the idea of you being able to receive emails with your sport or team logo and pretty colors, but we just couldn’t get it to look right in the vast range of email clients out there in computer-land. So we bailed on that feature for a while until we can get it just right.

Let us know what you think of our new features. Many more exciting things coming soon!

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