New Thumbnail Cropping Tool

We’re excited today to roll out a new tool that makes it much easier to create the small thumbnail photo that appears next to your name on many of the TeamSnap pages.

Previously, you had to upload both a full size photo and a separate thumbnail photo, and hope that your thumbnail photo looked right when cropped down to a small square. But now with our new thumbnail cropping tool, it’s much easier.

The first time you upload a full-size photo, we automatically create a thumbnail for you. Easy. Done. If you like it, you’re all set. But if you don’t like it, simply click the edit button to open our new cropping tool that lets you crop the exact thumbnail photo you’d like from your full-size photo. Adjust it to look exactly as you’d like and hit save.

We’ve tried to build some smarts into this, so the next time you upload a full-size photo it doesn’t automatically blow away your carefully cropped thumbnail. You can decide if you want to keep your previous thumbnail, or create a perfectly-cropped thumbnail from your new photo.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it. We think it makes creating your thumbnail photo both quicker and better.

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