New Feature: Availability Sorting Options

When you look at a game’s detail page (or receive a Manager email with player Availability updates), you see a list of all the players who have marked themselves as available for that game (or event). We’ve now added a “Sorting” option under Availability Preferences so you can define the order in which your team wants those available players listed. Your options are:

  • By Name
  • By Jersey Number
  • By Signup Order

This last option (signup order) lets you know which players signed up first for the game, and in which order. We added this option because some teams told us that they had limited roster spots for each game, and the first 12 (or whatever) players to sign up were the ones who would be scheduled for the game. We hope these options make it a bit easier to manage your signups and create your lineup sheets or rosters for each game.

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