New Beta Feature: Text Messaging

phoneToday we’re introducing a new beta feature: Text Messaging. You can now broadcast SMS text messages to your team through TeamSnap.

You will need to enable this feature if you want to receive messages. In your player profile you’ll find a check box beneath your mobile phone number that enables text messaging and allows you to select your mobile provider.

The one gotcha: text messages are sent from the sender’s email address, not from the sender’s mobile phone. Thus, replies to the text message go to the sender’s email, not back to their phone. We may enable true two-way text messaging (phone back to phone) later. For now, this is a quick and easy way to broadcast a last-minute message to the team.

We’re keenly interested in your feedback on this new beta feature. Keep in mind that, as a beta feature, there could be bugs and it may change before it becomes a permanent addition to TeamSnap. Also, text messaging may only be available to specific paid plans down the road, but during testing text messaging is available to all plans.

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