New Availability Features

We’ve just rolled out some cool new features in the Availability tab, all of which were requested by our users:

New “Don’t Know” State

Previously, there were three possible states for Availability: Yes, No, and No Response. We’ve now added in a 4th state: Don’t Know. This is represented by a yellow question mark. We heard from some Managers that they would like some indication that differentiated “no response” from “I don’t know yet.” 

There is a subtle-but-important difference in how this works for players vs. managers. When a player clicks on an availability button, they MUST choose either Yes, No or Don’t Know. It wouldn’t make sense to be able to go back to “No Response.” Managers, on the other hand, can set a button back to “No Response,” since managers are able to set availability for other players besides themselves.

Give it a try and let us know if you find this helps you with your team.

Historical Availability

You can now view availability for past games/events. When you hit the Availability tab it just drops you into your season around the current game, but you can page both forward and backward. If you page too far in either direction, just click the “Today” button at the end of your paging list to jump back to your current games.

Furthermore, if you click on any player’s name you’ll be taken to their full-season’s availability. This is a quick way to see at a glance what the player’s past attendance and future availability is. Managers can go back and retroactively change a player’s availability for past games and events (i.e. to note actual attendance) but players can’t go back in time and change their availability (i.e. you can’t claim you were at a game you weren’t at).

We hope you’ll find this feature useful as well.

We have some additional upgrades in store for Availability down the road. Stay tuned!

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