Introducing Your Team Email Address

Today we’re very excited to introduce a new feature that will make it even easier to keep in touch with the team: Your Team Email Address. Now you can send email to the entire team right from your email program, without even needing to log into TeamSnap.

Let’s say your team is named the Panthers. You can choose a subdomain such as, and that would make your team email addresses:

[email protected]
Send to everyone on the team

[email protected]
Send to all Players

[email protected]
Send to all Non-Players

[email protected]
Send to all Managers

And so on. You can see the complete list of email addresses and read more about this feature in our help documentation.

Your team probably isn’t named the “Panthers,” (unless you’re one of our 223 teams named some variation of “Panthers”) so you’ll want to go into Manger > Public Access to choose your team’s subdomain. That’s also where you’ll enable this feature for your team, and choose whether to allow everyone to use your team email address, or just managers.

To prevent anyone in the world from using your team email address, the FROM address must match one of the email addresses on your Roster record. So make sure you send email from the same address you have listed on the Roster.

We hope your team email address makes it even easier to stay in contact with your team and to dash off quick notes to the team on-the-go. This is a feature of our Basic and Premium plans, but during February we’re letting Free plan users try it out. Let us know how it works for you!