Introducing the All-New Messages Tab

Today we’re excited to announce our revamped TeamSnap Messages tab. We’ve moved some things around and added some much-requested features. We think it’s a whole lot better.

First off, we found out that a lot of users didn’t know you could email or SMS text your team, because those buttons were under the Roster tab. So we’ve consolidated all of the communication functions under the Messages area. Now there are three buttons that let you choose between sending emails, sending SMS texts and posting messages to the message board. It’s all in one place.

Next, we added a few features:

  • Save copies of sent emails and SMS texts. Now you can refer back to past emails that you sent, or re-send them to other people.
  • Save email drafts. Not ready to send your masterpiece email? Just save it as a draft and continue it later.
  • Bulk delete. No more deleting messages one at a time. Now you can simply check off the ones you want to delete and nuke them in one fell swoop.

Finally, we made the messaging boxes a little bigger, so you can type more text without scrolling.

Check out the new Messages area and let us know what you think. We hope you agree that it makes communicating with TeamSnap even easier!

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