Don’t Miss A Game or Practice Again! Set Your E-mail Notifications

If your son has a football game at 3:00 and your daughter has soccer practice at 4:00, will you make it home in time for the Dancing With the Stars finale at 8:00? Trick question. The answer is no because your son ALSO has soccer practice at 7:00. With all of the games, practices, and events, it can be hard to keep track and that one never made it on the calendar. Solution: TeamSnap’s e-mail notifications (and a DVR).

Did you know that you can opt to receive automatic e-mail notifications before every game or event? It’s a nifty little feature that we created to make coordinating your schedule just a little bit easier. It’s very easy to set up, just click on the “Preferences” tab where you can check the box to receive e-mail notifications for games and events.

You will receive an e-mail telling you where and when your event is and how you have marked your availability. You can select how many days in advance you would like to receive the e-mail. We also recently released a new feature that allows you to change your availability right from the event reminder e-mail. Just click the “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe” link in the reminder email to change your availability status. Quick. Easy. No need to log in.

Have you used the email notifications or updated your availability through the reminder e-mail? What do you think? More tips and tricks to come, stay tuned!

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