Top Support Questions

Even though TeamSnap is pretty darned easy to use, there are some features that require a bit more poking around to discover. So today we present our list of Top Support Questions, which just may help you find something you didn’t know existed:

How do I delete a team?

If you have a team you are no longer using, simply click on “My Account” (in the upper right-hand corner), find your team and click on the “Delete this Team” button. Of course, you can only do this if you are the Team Owner.

I no longer run this team. How can I transfer the team to someone else’s account?

Easy! From within the sports team management software, click on “My Account” and click on “Transfer Team Ownership.” Again, you can only do this if you are the person who set up the team and the person you’re transferring to must be a member of your team and a registered TeamSnap user. They will have to accept the transfer after you initiate it.

I wish I could get an email notifying me of upcoming games or practices.

You can! Go to the Preferences tab and click on the Notification button. This will let you receive auto-notifications at the interval you prefer. The email will also tell you if you’ve signed up to bring any refreshments in the Refreshments tab. Managers can also choose to receive a notification email with information about who is available for each game.

How do I change my username or password?

Once again, click on the trusty “My Account” link.

I’d like to see the weather on my team home page.

Make sure a zip code is entered in your Team Settings in the Manager tab area. This only works for users in the USA currently.

Can I export my schedule?

You bet. Click on the Export button on the Schedule tab. This lets you export the schedule in a variety of formats.

I subscribed to my schedule in Google Calendar, but it’s not updating immediately.

Google Calendar does not update subscribed calendars in real time. It usually happens only every four hours or so.

I’d like to show only upcoming games on my schedule.

Click on “View Preferences” on the Schedule tab.

Got more questions? Post them as a comment here, or always feel free to email our support team for assistance. Thanks for using TeamSnap!