Now Two People Can Share One Login on the Same Team

Up until now, when you had two people on the same roster (for instance if Dad is also the coach, or twins play on the same team) you had to have a separate login for each person. But thanks to some crack engineering, we’ve changed our system so that one login can access multiple people on the same roster. This is much easier than having to log in separately to set each person’s availability, and so on.

To avoid confusion, you interact with your TeamSnap team as only one person at a time. You can switch which person you’re using in one of two ways. Either from the My Teams page:

Or from a “Switch” link in the upper-right of your team page:

If you have an existing set of logins you want us to combine, just email support and let us know the following:

  • The two login (usernames) that should be combined.
  • Which of the two usernames will become the one you use for the two players.
  • The team that the two people are on. Either the Team ID ( or the team name.

We hope that this new feature makes it easier for families with multiple people on the same team to use TeamSnap!

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