We May Not Have Been Far Off With ‘TeamsNap’: Why Pro Athletes Sleep 12 Hours A Day

Now that the laughter has subsided from our April Fool’s shenanigans of changing our focus from TeamSnap to TeamsNap, we wanted to share a cool infographic from Fast Company’s Co.Design on the effects of sleep (or lack of sleep) on the body. Did you know that a typical pro athlete gets between 10-12 hours a night compared to the average person’s 6.44 hours? Note to self: sleep more, make millions of dollars playing sports.

“The first half is dedicated to all the immediate physical downsides of not sleeping enough — and they’re pretty surprising, including decreased reaction times, lower metabolism, decreased strength, and the sense that you’re exerting yourself much harder than you actually are:”

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“And here’s a breakdown of how much pro athletes usually sleep, and their own sleep routines:”

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