Players Use Tricks To Master Skills With Trick It Out Sports (Now That’s Tricky)

It’s hard not to appreciate a great sports trick. Because we can all kick a soccer ball but we certainly can’t freestyle juggle for minutes at a time like Daniel Cutting. And most golfers can’t juggle a golf ball and then launch a perfect shot, like Tiger Woods. To master a trick, an athlete has to precisely master their touch, timing, and body movement and he or she is simultaneously improving all-around skills. This is the basis of the idea behind Trick It Out Sports, which makes learning the fundamental skills of sports more fun and engaging by breaking it down into tricks.

We spoke with Scott Lancaster, founder of Trick it Out Sports, to learn more about the program which is now available for football, baseball, softball, and just last month launched Trick It Out Golf in partnership with the PGA. Scott has 20 years of experience working with the NFL and USA Soccer creating youth sports programs and is the author of Fair Play: How to Make Organized Sports a Great Experience for Your Kids. His goal in creating Trick It Out Sports was to give young athletes a teaching system based on self-discovery and self-measuring tricks. Here is what Scott had to say, “Trick It Out Sports provides a unique measuring mechanism with every challenge/trick that provides each athlete a way to track their progress in sport specific skill development. This taps into a similar methodology that has made video gaming so popular. Kids love to record, track, and improve their scores. The same holds true with physical activities when presented in a contemporary, and fun fashion.”

By offering a program of fun mini-skill competitions, athletes work to teach themselves new tricks, self-correct, and then repeat. As suggested in our recent blogs on competition, coaches want to challenge their players to compete, to strive to outdo; the Trick It Out Sports program challenges athletes to ask this of themselves.

Here is how it works: After signing up on the website, all of the tricks are introduced on a member’s personal web page through trick videos and an illustrated pocket guidebook with step by step instructions on how to set-up, execute, and score each trick. After executing a trick, the member downloads their best score onto a virtual real time scoreboard which shows where they rank against others.

With lots of progressions and renditions of every trick, athletes can continuously challenge themselves and work to improve their skills. It’s great for any age group (including adults) and you can play along with friends, team up with a pro, and watch others perform. Trick It Out also offers lots of cool perks with the annual membership including National and Regional rankings by sport skill in each age group, tips from the pros, and additional trick challenge cards every week. You can sign up for free through the end of the year for a football and baseball membership while it will cost $9.95 for a golf membership.

Watch the Football Trick of the Week, the Rock Star Dash, to see how the instruction and scoring works:

Do you use tricks as part of your coaching curriculum? Have you tried Trick It Out Sports? Check it out and let us know what you think.

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