TeamSnap Top 5: Funny Celebration Videos

With the new year we are starting a new tradition and we are rolling out the red carpet for the “TeamSnap Top 5” Each month we’re going to share with you a new list inspired by our love of sports and the TeamSnap community. This month we are kicking it off with a compilation of our favorite celebration videos. From mites on ice to the NFL, we have searched far and wide to bring you the true knee slappers. We hope that you find inspiration in the lighter side of sports, enjoy!

We have included our own funny captions, think you can do better? Post your best shot.

1. “And the Oscar goes to… number 4 for his role as the fish out of water”

2. “He got served”

3. “Because doing jumping jacks on ice skates is too hard…”

4. “Keeping it “fresh” in Detroit”

5. “Wanna get away?”

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