TeamSnap Top 5: Best Trick Plays

Trick plays are certainly sneaky, and may not always be held in the highest regard, but we also have to recognize the creativity and delivery that goes into a successfully executed trick play. For every fruitful trick play, there are probably 100 failures. The Little Giants made “The Annexation of Puerto RIco” famous when they used it to take down the Cowboys in a dramatic underdog win. From the original “Fumblerooski” to the recent Driscoll Middle School acting clinic, we went out to find our five favorites and hope you will enjoy the trickery.

Disclosure Note: TeamSnap does not endorse cheating or unfair sports shenanigans but we do like cool videos.

1. Driscoll Middle School Trick Play
“Hike the ball? More like hike WITH the ball.”

2. 1984 Orange Bowl
“The game that made the ‘Fumblerooski’ famous.”

3. Grace Lutheran Eagle Inbound Play
“A “ruff” distraction.

4. Mike Legg of Michigan in the 1996 NCAA West Regional Hockey Finals
“And we thought you could only score from in front of the net.”

5. Coach, Wrong Ball
“So sneaky, even the Little Giants didn’t try it.”

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