TeamSnap All Stars: Royal City Rollergirls. League President Uses TeamSnap to Coordinate Competitions and Community Service

Team: Royal City Rollergirls
Sport: Roller Derby
Location: Guelph, Ontario

This week we connected with Cynthia, Founder and President of the Royal City Rollergirls roller derby team. These ladies are the wheel deal! In case you are not familiar with the sport, the game is played with two teams roller skating around an oval track. Points are scored when the designated scoring player (the “jammer”) laps members of the opposing team so both teams are playing offense and defense simultaneously. The Rollergirls are about a lot more than just the sport, they also come together to do community service and have hopes to grow the organization with leagues for men and children. And they’re using TeamSnap to keep everything organized.

What is the Royal City Roller Girls story?
Our league started last April when I posted some information on Kijiji, craigslist and Facebook.  We had our first meeting and I hoped there would be at least 15 people… there were 16.  Our first practice was one month later and every practice our numbers grew until we stopped recruiting in November. Our league now has approximately 70 skaters and a number of volunteers, referees and stats people. My plan was to create a group that plays roller derby and does a lot of community service and that is exactly what we have. I also wanted to bring derby to Guelph; it’s a wonderful sport in a great city. And it’s no longer me, it’s we, as there is an incredible group that keeps this league moving forward. My hope is that we can eventually introduce kids and men to derby, as well, and it can truly be a family sport.

How did you first hear about TeamSnap?
I was researching team management sites online and came across it. It definitely seemed to fit best with our needs.

What is your favorite TeamSnap feature?
The roster! I love being able to scroll through and find contact information for each player. And there’s a great photo beside each person which looks really nice.

What is your advice for someone new to Roller Derby?
Take your time learning the sport and have fun!! Her teammate, Jennifer, adds “Bend your knees! Work on your falls to be safe and always remember to fall small.  Never forget to ask mama hen (what we call players that have been around for a really long time) for advice!”


The Rollergirls recently placed 5th in the Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association’s Tournament in Ottawa and their next home game is on July 23rd. If you’re interested in learning more about the Royal City Rollergirls or seeing them in action, just visit their website.

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