TeamSnap All-Stars Profile: Stars Lacrosse

Sport: Lacrosse
Location: Milton, Georgia

The Stars’ Story

The Stars are a high school club team heading into their 4th season. This season the team went 17 – 0 and won the North Georgia Lacrosse League Championship! Many high schools in the area were gradually launching varsity teams so this has given players a head start before moving straight into varsity play.

Growing from just 13 players in their first year to over 30, Coach Richard Thomas emphasizes what a joy the players are to coach. Just four games into the season the Stars were beating the other team handily and had substituted all of their players when one of the starters requested to go back into the game. At first, Coach Thomas was hesitant, but then the player explained, “I’m going in to teach. Let me go in with some of the new guys and we’ll help show them how to do it.”  According to Coach Thomas, “That’s when we knew something special was going on.”

What is your favorite TeamSnap feature?

The ability for parents or anyone with access to the site to upload photos. Everyone gets to share in the experience.

What is the best advice you can give to your players?

To honor the game and honor themselves. We talk a lot about sportsmanship on our team. We like to say that lacrosse is a violent game played by gentlemen and we really mean the gentlemen part.

If you could recommend TeamSnap to someone, who would it be?

I talk about it all of our League meetings. Something invariably comes up about a miscommunication so I explain how we solved that problem – we just use TeamSnap.

Bet you didn’t know…

The Stars previously went by the names of Heal Clicking Barbers and High School Dropouts.

Thanks for being our first featured team, Go Stars!

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