TeamSnap All Stars Profile: Keliix Soccer

Team: Keliix U-13 Girls Soccer
Sport: Soccer
Location: Minneapolis

Founded by David Lawson, Keliix Intra Soccer Club is one of the premier clubs in the Minneapolis area. The club is unique in that it has intentionally remained small so that David can be involved with all of the teams. Many of the Keliix teams use TeamSnap so we spoke with Kimberly Hogan who helps to manage both of her daughters’ teams.

How did you first hear about TeamSnap?

Every year our club does an out of state tournament and we wanted a tool that would allow us to share everyone’s photos from the event internally. The other feature that initially attracted me to TeamSnap’s soccer team website was the ease of sending emails. People are moving so fast theses days and it is much easier to have members manage their own contact information.

What is your favorite TeamSnap feature?

Our coaches love the availability feature because it has resulted in a higher commitment level. We seem to be getting better attendance because players and parents are more aware of the schedule and also feel more accountable. As managers, we love the refreshment feature because parents can see what others are bringing in real time.

Bet you didn’t know…

The Keliix U-13 Girls Team are also radio rockstars. During last year’s tournament in Fargo the girls went on a tour of a local radio station. Unexpectedly, the DJ asked them to do an interview and they had the chance to broadcast live on air.

Good luck with the Fall Season Keliix!

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