Team Preparing For The Longest Non-Stop Relay Race in The World Manages Training Online with TeamSnap

Team Runner’s Delight is using TeamSnap to organize their training for Roparun, the longest non-stop relay race in the world, with the goal of raising money for people with cancer. They were featured in Tonic, a digital media company promoting good news going on around the world. Just in case you missed it, read the full article below or link to it here.

Speed for Need: The World’s Longest Relay Race Races Toward a Cancer Cure

Have you ever considered running the 520 kilometers from Paris to Rotterdam? Meet a few people who actually said “yes”: Team Runner’s Delight, a bunch of friends who are preparing for their first Roparun.

Founded in 1992, Roparun (RO(tterdam) PA(ris) RUN) is the longest non-stop relay race in the world and it’s not just a unique event, but also has the unique goal of raising money for people with cancer. The motto of the race is, “Aiming to add life to the days that remain, when no more days can be added to life.”










After being asked to join another Roparun team, Runners Delight’ captain Floris Licht decided that an adventure like this would be even more special with a group of friends. Team Runner’s Delight was born. It’s made up of 25 members, many of whom have known each other since elementary and high school. There will be eight runners (one will be running at all times) supported by 17 team members including bikers, drivers, cooks and a “Chef de Mission” who will make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Starting in Paris on June 11th and ending on June 13th in Rotterdam, each runner will cover 65km (more than 40 miles) over the course of the race. One would expect that all of the Runner’s Delight members would be avid runners, but in fact, it’s a new hobby for most of the team. According to Ward Estoppey, one of the runners in training, “Most of us are active in a wide variety of other sports: field hockey, tennis, soccer, skiing, snowboarding, water polo, golf, fitness and so on. While running hasn’t been our main sport so far, we do like sports a lot and are not afraid of a challenge!”

Runner’s Delight is doing some aggressive training to prepare for this grueling two-day event. The team does two to three shorter runs during the week, a longer weekend run, and they participate in a number of official runs and half marathons to track their progress.

All of this training requires a lot of organization and communication among the team. Seeking a better way to manage everyone, Ward immediately thought of TeamSnap, which he had previously used to organize his soccer team. “We sent an email to TeamSnap explaining our Roparun challenge and the cause we are supporting and they offered us to use TeamSnap Premium for free. So now we can benefit from all the features TeamSnap has to offer free of charge; which means more money for the Roparun Foundation.”

How much money exactly? “We hope to raise at least € 15.000 [over $21,000] for this cause, but we won’t stop searching for sponsorships when we have reached this goal.” The team has set up a sponsor lottery and friends and colleagues have donated everything from dinner and hotel coupons to a Disneyland Paris vacation. They are selling tickets for this lottery ($14) as well as the official Roparun lottery ($3.50) to friends and family and will be wearing t-shirts with sponsor logos to gain even more money.

Ward describes the mission of Runner’s Delight this way: “We have all been touched by cancer in some way or another, so we are very motivated to support the Roparun Foundation. Since we all love sports, supporting such a cause with a physical challenge made it even more interesting for us.”

If you are interested in learning more about the team or purchasing lottery tickets to support their mission, send an email to [email protected] and one of the team members will contact you. Gooooo Runner’s Delight!

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