Introducing the Playbook Blog and Starting Lineup

With the spring sports season officially beginning, it is an exciting time for young athletes, parents, and coaches gearing up for another round of practices, games, tournaments, fundraisers, and fun! You have been busy preparing, and so have we.  We are thrilled to announce the launch of the TeamSnap PlayBook, an awesome new section just for coaches, managers, and parents to talk about youth sports, share personal experiences, and ask questions.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can connect with other coaches, managers, and parents facing similar questions and seeking to create a positive youth sports experience? We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to youth sports so this is a place to comment and offer advice. There is so much that we can learn just by sharing with one another.

And now, here is your starting lineup of writers who will be regularly contributing to the Playbook:

Bruce Reed: Coaches’ Zone

Bruce is a youth sports coach, writer, educator, and father of two. He turned to youth sports after his second grade music teacher kindly requested that he ‘lip synch’ the words during the class Christmas concert. Bruce believes that great coaching ideas should be shared so that coaches and young athletes can do what they love to do, better.  He has coached high school and Little League baseball, youth soccer, basketball, and football.  He helped teach an Australian Rules Football club the game of American Football, and helped coach a Japanese high school girls’ softball team – the most fundamentally sound infield he has ever coached.  As Regional Director of Compass Prep in San Francisco, Bruce has hired and trained several hundred academic tutors and serves as a popular and trusted resource for parents and college counselors throughout the country.

Emily Cohen: Master Manager and Voice of the Team Parent

Emily is a freelance writer living in Berkeley, California. She is the mother of a son, 14, and a daughter, 11, who both play multiple sports. Emily brings a lot of first-hand experience to the table having been team manager for her children’s soccer, baseball, basketball, and softball teams and she also captains a number of her own adult tennis teams. She got serious about tennis when she realized her son was better than she was … and he was 11!  Not that Emily is competitive.  When she is not competing or managing, you can find Emily watching NCAA hoops, attending Giants baseball games, cheering on her beloved Cal Golden Bears, and running her women’s fantasy baseball league. Emily believes that the team manager should work closely with the coach to take on off-the-field responsibilities and allow him or her time to do what they do best – coach!

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts later in the week:

1. “Coach the Culture, Then Let the Culture Coach the Team” addresses how to set the stage for a great season.

2. “Team Building Ideas for the New Season” offers tips on how to bring the team together faster, with ideas for on and off of the field.


If you have questions, topic ideas, or would like to contribute to the Playbook Blog, just leave a comment or e-mail us at [email protected]

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