Funny Team Name of the Week – Week 4

Brussels Sprouts International – sent in anonymously. Below are details from the anonymous person.

Team Finlande’s (rather funny name isn’t it?) origin in Belgium goes back to early 90’s and to a group of Finnish journalists accredited to Brussels. They just wanted to skate and play “back yard” hockey and to have fun among themselves and their kids. They wore no protection at that time, only skates, stick and puck. After a friendly game some time around 1996, final score 19-0 for Team Finlande, the team was invited to attend Championnat JC.

Since Finland joined the EU in 1995 the team grew rapidly and since then flow of new players and rotation of old ones has been steady. Today we are around 35 keen amateurs and old-timers. We still have fun on the ice. It’s recreational, it’s a hobby.

Even if the biggest single nationality in the team still is Finnish, we are glad to have several players from many other countries, as Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden and USA. Our logo on the front of our jersey, the Finnish Lion, is said to have the same origin as the Belgian/Brabant Lion. At least they look almost the same. Same beast obviously…

When the team goes abroad for friendly matches and victories, it’s known as Brussels Sprouts International.

Sauna Boys is our administrative tool, TeamSnap, also including those ones who don’t play matches.

“Eat, sleep, sauna, hockey” – is there anything else?

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