Eye-Fi Lets You Upload Photos Instantly – A Perfect Time Saver for Parents, Coaches, and Players

We just came across Eye-Fi, an amazing tool that allows your photos to “fly where you want them to be” immediately after snapping the shot, and knew that it was too good not to share.  Here is how it works: the Eye-Fi card is a wireless memory card that fits into the camera just like  a standard memory card.  It has built in Wi-Fi so that you can transfer your photos and videos to your computer and any sharing sites that you choose.

Picture this: It’s the Tee Ball World Series, 9th inning, bases are loaded, little Jimmy walks up to the plate and knocks the ball out of the park securing victory for the Tee-Timers. After capturing his victory lap, you can upload the video to YouTube, share the photo with friends on Facebook, and order digital prints on Shutterfly, all before he even gets back to home plate. Pretty cool eh?

Check out Eye-Fi and let us know what you think.

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