Anti-Steroids Video Campaign Doesn’t Just Make You Laugh, It Makes You Think

Did you know that nearly 3% of high school athletes have admitted to trying steroids at least once?  This may not sound like a large number but it is cause for a growing concern regarding steroid usage among high school athletes. To showcase the consequences of steroid use in Teen Athletes, the Ad Council has created a new video as part of the “Don’t Be an Asterisk” series. The campaign was started several years ago in partnership with the U.S. Olympic Committee, and this latest video addresses high school athletes and soccer:

Sean Sterner did things on the field of play that no high school soccer player before him ever did, defying even the laws of physics themselves. However, all of that came at a cost, and now when people look at him, all they see is an asterisk.

For more information, please visit the Don’t Be An Asterisk campaign website.

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