Team Building Ideas For The New Season

It is the time of year for lots of new beginnings – a new school year, new sports season, and new teammates. It is important for coaches to help players get acquainted and to foster team building both on and off of the field. offers a great resource for team building activities which can be selected based on the participants’ age and the objectives. Are you trying to introduce everyone with a getting “to know you” activity or are you hoping to improve communication with a team challenge? Do you have just ten minutes or an entire day? Jubed has suggestions for all of the above.  Setting aside some time for having fun and developing team chemistry off the field can go a long way and often translates into a more cohesive team on the field.

If you are looking for something active, consider doing a scavenger hunt, a ropes course, or a bowling outing. Do you have any team building activity suggestions?  Share your ideas here.

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