TeamSnap All-Stars Profile: Parangal Dance Company

Parangal Dance Company is a Filipino Folk Dance Group based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Parangal’s mission is to preserve and promote the rich Filipino heritage through the art of dance. We spoke with Executive Director, Karina Fantillo Cruz, to learn more about this beautiful form of Filipino culture.

What is Parangal Dance Company’s story?

The Philippines has a rich and diverse culture with influence from the Spanish, Islamic, American, and indigenous populations. Many of our dancers came to the United States at a very young age, or were born here, so we promote learning about the culture and our ancestors through dance. We know that it is a great responsibility to portray the Filipino heritage and our goal is always to honor the Filipino people.

What is your favorite TeamSnap feature?

It’s great to have everything in one place, that is why we use TeamSnap’s website for dance companies. We love the scheduling and availability features which we use for all of our events and rehearsals.

Tell us about your performance at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival?

This is an annual dance festival that was founded by World Arts West to promote the diverse ethnic dance companies in the Bay Area. Our Artistic Director, Eric Espartinez Solano, traveled to the Philippines to research the piece which highlights three different tribes. The common theme is each tribe’s belief in the babaylan, or a high priestess. In each dance, the priestess has a central role, whether it be to thank the gods, bestow a cure, or ask for a blessing for a plentiful harvest.

View a video of the dance below:

Bet you didn’t know…
Last year, Parangal performed in the Las Vegas World Dance Festival and won first place for Best Performing Group. Ironically, most of the company was not aware that they had entered a competition until after they won.

Would you like to see Parangal Dance Company perform live? Click here for more information about their upcoming production, “Isang Diwa, One Spirit” taking place on December 5th in San Mateo, California.

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