Selling TeamSnap to Your Team: Hook Them With Photos, Statistics, and Other Gems

Just like trying to fish without bait, it’s going to be pretty tough to hook your team on TeamSnap if you don’t dangle a few worms.  As the coach or manager of the team, you’re highest priorities are making sure that everyone knows where the next game or practice is, who will be showing up, and what they should wear. But your team members may have different priorities.  The worms, in this case, are other features on TeamSnap like team photos and team and player statistics.

This is what Nathan M. had to say:

Instead of threatening, which obviously wasn’t working, I decided that maybe I should try adding things to the site that would make people want to go there. So I started putting up pictures and links to videos…. everyone loves to look at themselves.  I also put together a stat book and after each game I updated them online… everyone loves to see how they’re doing. I also started putting up tips to improve batting amongst other things in the documents section. I found that while people were going to see these things of interest they also took the minute to mark their availability.

Just like Nathan M. put it, everyone loves to look at themselves and everyone loves to know how they are doing – ahh we’re so vain – so use these features to reel in the team and make sure that you keep your site updated with new team photos and sports stats.  It doesn’t have to be the job of one person, you could even assign others on the team to take it on each week. Remember, that you can also update your manager message so make it a habit to post new and important information.

We have given you a lot of flexibility on the statistics tab, meaning you can track all sorts of things beyond the standard measurements. Andy P. decided to get creative to get his team logging into TeamSnap:

I created statistics that all of our players could do well at, not just goals and assists.  We tracked passes, shots, and take-aways. I made it an immediate task when I got home to enter the data. After a few weeks I noticed that over half of the team had logged in to Teamsnap within 3 hours of the game ending!

And last but not least, Dal P. took it to a whole new level by making a game out of marking availability:

I introduced mock events into the TeamSnap availability schedule each week. Players and their parents were required to check their availability and doing so scored them 1 point. Players with the lowest ‘accumulated’ points were assigned Sherpa duty and responsible for the 75lb team fold-a-bench, the 40lb water cooler and acted as equipment manager for the next game. After two games and some healthy dose of shame, my site usage is now an impressive 100%.

What hooks have you used to get your team logging in to TeamSnap?

Thanks for sending us all of these great ideas and stay tuned for more ways to keep your team returning to TeamSnap. Now it’s your turn – Go fish!

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