Selling TeamSnap to Your Team: Show Them How Organizing Online Makes Their Lives Easier

A basic principle in sales is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and ask the question, “what’s in it for me.” This definitely applies when introducing your team to TeamSnap. It’s a new method of online team management that engages players and parents, and increase efficiency, but it’s also… new. The first tactic, and probably the most important one, is to explain to the team why you are using TeamSnap and the many ways that it will help them.

As the coach or manager, you could send out an email or announce TeamSnap at a pre-season meeting simply by saying “We are going to use TeamSnap to organize the team this year, when you get your invitation please log on to the website to enter your information.” (Lame)

Or you could pitch it as the coolest thing you’ve seen since Pez Candy (which it is). “Check it out guys, we’re using TeamSnap this year! That way we’ll know exactly where the fields are, who is showing up to the games, and we’ll never go hungry again because someone forgot to bring snacks. When you get your invitation, log on to the website to enter your information and check out last year’s photos and our sweet new gear in the Team Store.

Figure out what the draw is for your team, players, and parents, that will be the most meaningful to them.

Mike O. from Calgary put it very well:

“By far the best reasons I gave as head coach to use TeamSnap were:

  • Maps that link easily to Google Maps — Never again will my players go to the wrong field;
  • Availability – Let’s me know easily if I have to arrange for call-ups days in advance;
  • Messages – Parents can easily communicate with each other to arrange various duties;

Overall, we communicate better with a fraction of the effort.”

Could not have said it better ourselves! So, how did you sell your team?

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