Having Trouble Getting Your Team To Log Into TeamSnap? Read This!

If you signed your team up on TeamSnap you probably already understand how it can save everyone a ton of time and makes life easier… but that doesn’t mean that everyone on your team does. In our last newsletter we put out a call to action asking managers and coaches to tell us some of the tactics they used to get their team members logging into TeamSnap. Boy did you answer!  We thought we were a comedic group but it turns out that our customers are funnier, wittier, and even more creative!

So how did they get those resistant team members to log on to the site and keep using it? Pleading, verbal threats, beatings with a wet noodle? 

Everyone that responded had their own flavor and style, but there were a number of common themes. We have broken down a few of the most effective methods so that you can use these ploys on your resistant users.

  1. Help the team understand WHY you are using TeamSnap – and how it’s going to make their lives easier.
  2. Incentivize them to come to the site – post photos, share stats, and keep your information up-to-date.
  3. Persistence and and reinforcement – “If the parents want to know when practices and games are, they HAVE to access Teamsnap. It’s that simple. We get 100% user buy in by not offering an alternative.” – David M.
  4. Shame them – the old-fashioned way – Extra duties for those that don’t log-in to the website or mark off their availability. “Don’t sign up, don’t lace em up” – Brian M.
  5. Bribery – When all else fails…

We’ll be posting blogs that breakdown each of these categories and sharing ideas from your fellow users. Do you have some effective or creative tactics that you used?  Send them our way to [email protected].


Congratulations to Mary M. from San Clemente who won the premium, annual TeamSnap membership with her response:

“I sent out a team email asking them to please update their availability and if they didn’t know what this meant I nicely gave step by step instructions and explained why it was important to the coach. I also mentioned that our awesome coach paid for this site without asking for any donation from the parents. Everyone had completed their availability within the half hour!”

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