Selling TeamSnap To Your Team: Be Persistent and Use Reinforcement

Persistence and determination are two very important characteristics for an athlete to have. Implementing these traits is also a great way to get your team to log-in to TeamSnap. By making your TeamSnap team home page THE place for the most accurate and up-to-date information, coaches and managers can save a ton of time fielding phone calls, e-mails, and repeat questions.

This is what David M. had to say:

If the parents want to know when practices and games are, they HAVE to access Teamsnap. It’s that simple. We get 100% user buy in by not offering an alternative.

And Rick M. adds:

I simply made it clear that I would not be sending out any correspondence outside of TeamSnap. I use the message tab for emails and always include “Please mark your child’s availability for upcoming events on TeamSnap as soon as possible.”  If I receive any emails regarding whether so and so can/can’t make a game, my email response is a short “Thanks, but please mark availability on TeamSnap so I can track it”.

Mike N. explained how his soccer team has made the switch to TeamSnap and never looked back:

It was shockingly simple.  First I asked the team if they all had access to the internet.  When they all said ‘yes’, I then informed them that I would no longer be sending any scheduling information or field maps via email.  Period.  That forced everyone to use TeamSnap, and we haven’t looked back since.  I have to commend the parents, as they embraced TeamSnap immediately.  When I checked in after a couple of weeks, they unanimously voted against a return to the days of email!

Some customers have even used TeamSnap as a way to encourage the kids to take on responsibility for their participation. At the right age, the kids enjoy this added responsibility and it takes pressure off of the parents. Here is what Szabina had to say:

Ours is a team of 16 & 17 year old girls. They have been and continue to learn to take more responsibility for their own soccer experience. That has now extended to checking game and training times, checking e-mails, contacting the coach, etc.

Sue pointed out an additional benefit to this approach in her blog comment: The kids also use it to encourage their teammates to show up/mark availability – positive peer pressure.

Once you have conveyed that TeamSnap is the place to go to find the most accurate team information, there are a few ways that you can reinforce this message. Every couple of weeks Nicole R. would ask the parents to complete a custom field that she created or to view a posted announcement. Mary Lynne’s team schedule was posted on a few websites. but she let everyone know at the beginning of the season that TeamSnap was always the best place to get accurate information. She even waited a few days to contact other webmasters regarding schedule changes to reinforce to her team that TeamSnap should be their go-to.

Finally, Frank M. shared a foolproof way to make sure that the team wasn’t slacking on their TeamSnap diligence:

I changed a practice time / location once or twice, and they got the message!!

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