How an Engaging Website Can Benefit Your Sports Club

There are many reasons why an engaging website can greatly benefit your club, league or organization. A sports club website can make or break it for parents deciding whether or not to sign up their young athlete.

Curious to learn how your club website affects your organization? We don’t mean to be negative, but let’s start by looking at bad sites.  

The Biggest Problems with Bad Sports Club Websites

Frustrated AdministratorDon’t you get frustrated when you visit lousy websites? We know how you feel. Let’s look at some recurring themes.

They’re Clunky – Bad sports club websites tend not to be user friendly. If it takes minutes to load pages, parents and players won’t bother to learn about your organization.

They’re Ugly – When websites looks bad, it’s off-putting. If the design’s bad enough, it might even hurt your eyes (see accompanying image).

They’re Confusing – When websites are poorly organized, you’ll search every page to find what you’re looking for. Finding basic information shouldn’t be so hard.

They’re Outdated – It’s frustrating when a club’s website info isn’t updated. No one cares about tournament results from three years ago!

The cost of a bad sports club website can be greater than you think. In the end, it can force you to lose out on potential players joining your club. That’s money out of your pocket!

The Best Features and Benefits of Good Sports Club Websites

On the other hand, great club websites are worth the investment. Here’s what you can do with them:

List Your Contact Information – No matter where they are on your club website, visitors can find your contact information. Plus, it’s up to date and useful. That way they’ll have an easy time signing up.

Attract More Players – Your website is often the first place a player or parent goes to find out more information about your club. If they like what they see, they’ll be more inclined to contact you.

Improve Club Communication and Organization – Your website should be a place where anyone can find important club information in an organized fashion. A great website improves communication for everyone involved.

Now you know what a great website can do for your sports club. However, you may be wondering how to build such a website. That’s why you need…

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Tyler Fleischer is a Sales and Marketing Intern at TeamSnap. He’s a recent CU Boulder graduate with a degree in Marketing and Technology, Arts, and Media. He grew up playing and watching every sport he could, and baseball became his passion. From t-ball to high school varsity baseball to college intramural softball, he can’t get enough. When not in the office or on the diamond, you can find Tyler exercising or traveling the world.

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