TeamSnap for iPhone/iPod/iPad Version 1.1 Now Available

We’ve just rolled out the latest version of the TeamSnap iPhone app. Upgrade today, or if you haven’t tried the app, download it today — it’s FREE!

Here’s what’s new:

Full Messaging Capabilities – Now you can send and read emails and SMS texts, or post on your team message board, all through the app. Need to fire off an email or a text to the entire team? You can do it in a snap with the app.

Save TeamSnap Events to Your Local Calendar – See something on your TeamSnap calendar that you want on your iPhone/iPod/iPad that you want on your calendar? Add it with one click!

Availability No Longer Hiding – Previous versions of the app had the ability to view and set availability, but many of our users told us they couldn’t find that function. So we’ve renamed the Schedule area in the app to Schedule/Availability to help people find their way to availability (go to any game or event in the app to view or set availability).

Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes, Bug Fixes – Did we mention bug fixes?

Grab the app or upgrade and let us know what you think about the new features!

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