New Feature: Automatic Result Prediction

Today we’re pleased to roll out a new feature that we think will make TeamSnap even more valuable for all of our teams: Automatic Result Prediction. Simply put, this feature uses artificial intelligence to predict and automatically enter the scores of your games as they occur. Now you no longer have to go into TeamSnap after the game to enter the score … TeamSnap accurately predicts and enters the score as soon as the game is completed.

How does this work? We use the results of your previous games, the list of attending players from the Availability tab, your entered statistics and even the refreshments that are designated for the game to create a predicted model for the final score. We then run a fast but comprehensive simulation of the game, normalized for weather patterns based on your team’s zip code, and generate a probability for both teams’ final point total.

Beta tests have shown that this feature is over 99.5% accurate; in fact, during testing the only error occurred when a U-13 soccer team in Albuquerque was incorrectly awarded a goal when the ball ricocheted off of a coyote into the net (local league rules disagree with the official FIFA regulations on mammals interfering with play). We’re confident that our users will find this feature to be 100% accurate in practice.

To enable this feature, simply log in to your TeamSnap team and check the Automatic Result Prediction box in your Schedule Preferences. We’d love to hear your feedback on how this works for you!

Happy playing!

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