Nerd Alert! TeamSnap is Presenting at OSCON 2011

OSCON 2011It’s no secret that we’re big fans of open source software here at TeamSnap. Our entire platform is built on the open source Ruby on Rails, our database backend is the open source MySQL, and our servers don’t even have a whiff of proprietary software. We live and breathe open source every day.

And when it comes to open source, the big kahuna of conferences is the annual O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon. Thousands of fellow nerds will descend on beautiful downtown Portland to share insights, best practices and what’s new and hip in the world of open source software. TeamSnap will be right in the mix, giving three presentations during the conference:

Customer Service for Nerds, led by TeamSnap VP of Product Development Andrew Berkowitz and TeamSnap Chief Architect Wade Minter, will explain how we’ve made customer service our first priority, and show how small teams can grow their business significantly by listening and responding to customers. We’ll touch on the tools and processes we use here at TeamSnap to be responsive and personal.

Build a Better Team With Improv, led by Andrew and Wade, is a hands-on seminar that teaches basic teambuilding techniques for any team — developers, marketers, sales, or your sports team itself. It’s how to get your team or group onto the same page using laughter, communication and common experiences. In their other lives outside TeamSnap, Andrew is a Portland, Oregon stand-up comedian and Artistic Director for the Portland ComedySportz improvisational theater. Wade is a former director of ComedySportz San Antonio and a member of ComedyWorx in Raleigh, NC.

Using OpenStack APIs: Present and Future, led by Wade and Mike Mayo of RackSpace, looks at the open source cloud storage and computing platform OpenStack, explaining the project and the API to those who are interested in the next wave of this exciting (but still young) initiative.

We’re excited about presenting at OSCON and hope to meet a lot of our customers, fans and potential partners there. If you’re going to be at OSCON in July, drop us a note or come by and say hi before or after one of our presentations.

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