Introducing Our New Multi-File Uploader

You asked for a faster way to upload big batches of team photos, and now it’s here: the TeamSnap multi-file uploader. This new tool makes it a snap to upload entire batches of photos at once. And we’ve sweetened it with a little bit of AJAX goodness so you actually see the thumbnails appear on the page as the upload is occuring.

This new tool is Flash-based, so yes, you do need to have Flash installed. We’re currently calling it a beta features while folks test it out, so give it a try and let us know what you think. Eventually we’ll very likely make this the default file-upload method, although we’ll still have the old method available for those who don’t have Flash.

To try out the new multi-file uploader visit the Photos & Files tab, click on Upload New Photo/File, and then click the link for the new uploader. We hope this makes it even easier to get your photos and files into TeamSnap.