Introducing Facebook Photo and Album Sharing

We know you love using TeamSnap to upload photos from your games. But sometimes you get that great shot or an amazing album and want to show it to your all of your friends and relatives. We’ve made that easier by introducing Facebook sharing for TeamSnap photos and albums.

You’ve always been able to download your TeamSnap pictures and upload them wherever you want. But we also know that Facebook is the most popular place to share photos right now, so we’re making that process much quicker.  When viewing an individual photo or an album, you will see a “Share On Facebook” button at the top. Click that button and you will be able to name your photo (or album), choose where to share it, and select whether or not you want the photos to also appear on your wall or just in your list of photos.

Everyone has the option of posting the photos to their own personal Facebook site. If you are the administrator of a Facebook page for your team, you also have the ability to send the pictures to that page’s photo area and wall.

So show the world your great team photos – it’s the next best thing to being on a box of Wheaties! Along with our Facebook score posting feature, this is just the next step in letting you share your sports life with your Facebook friends.

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