“I Just Died and Went To Heaven”

Every once in a while we receive a customer message that brings a smile to our faces and a glow to the whole team. The quote above is from a message that continued:

“Thank you sooooooo much for the iPhone app – totally awesome. Just installed it and I can’t stop smiling. I need nothing more in life.”

A bit of hyperbole, maybe, but consistent with much of the initial reaction from our new iPhone app. Recognizing the opportunity to extend TeamSnap benefits to the field or event, we launched the app last Tuesday. This first version provides basic but useful tools like the team roster with active contact information for each person, and the schedule of upcoming games or practices, with a list of who’s coming and a map to event. Aside from some justifiably irritated users who encountered a bug when trying to use the TeamSnap iPhone app on their iOS 3.0 equipped iPhone 3s (a fix is awaiting approval at the App Store now and may even be out by the time you read this), our ratings are averaging 4.3 out of 5. Not bad at all for the first round!

We sure hope that you feel like you have “died and gone to heaven,” but if you have suggestions or requests for the iPhone app, just send us your feedback and let us know. The next version, which adds on the ability to send email and text messages from within the app, is nearing completion and should be available in November.

You can check out a few sweet write-ups on Zimbio and eNewsChannels.  And for all those Android and Blackberry users who have been asking: What about us? We hear you – stay tuned! 🙂

Dave DuPont

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