TeamSnap Offers a New and Improved Team Store Experience

Whether you play for the Tigers, the Narwhals or the Fighting Unicorns, TeamSnap’s new Team Store experience will make it easier for your players, coaches and fans to show their team pride.

TeamSnap’s new Team Store experience has been completely updated and improved and is now powered by KitOrder, the same team order management service that fuels Riddell, Louis Garneau, Sugoi, Sports Authority and Sport Chalet. Now you can quickly and easily choose the items you want to offer in your Team Store, featuring your team colors, name and logo, and share the store teamwide.


  • Grandma wants a team jacket? What’s her size?
  • Dad wants team-branded warm-up pants? We’ve got him covered (literally).
  • Sister wants a team soccer ball? No problem.
  • Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

The Team Store offer a variety of apparel and equipment specific to your sport, and team managers can select from hundred of products and colors to find exactly what the team needs for the season. But if we don’t have what you’re looking for, simply let the folks at KitOrder know, and if the item is available, they’ll add it to your store.

How It Works


Select from name-brand gear and equipment, with team pricing, to create your own Team Store.

  • Click on the Team Store tab on the TeamSnap web app dashboard (if your team manager has previously disabled the Team Store tab, he or she will need to re-enable it at Manager Preferences → Tab Manager).
  • Upload your logo.
  • Select your team colors.
  • Choose your team products.
  • Share with your team and fans.
  • Orders are paid for individually.
  • Orders are shipped directly to the customer placing the order.

With the Team Store feature, there’s no more papers to fill out or checks to collect. Just one more way we make it easier to organize your team!



Stephanie Myers is the Content Manager for TeamSnap, managing such content as this blog, the TeamSnap newsletter and much more. When she’s not being the boss of content, you can find Stephanie competing in a competitive skee-ball league in Austin, Texas.


Head Coach  

The new team store is horrible, are we not able to add text to our customized shirts? Seems like the old version of the store is better, maybe I am not doing something right, but if we can’t add text to the shirts, its really not that good of a product.

Stephanie Myers  

Hey there, thanks for checking out the new Team Store and for the feedback! We’re trying to improve the store offering by letting teams upload their actual logo, rather than just text art. However, our partners at KitOrder, who run the backend of the store, will gladly assist anyone who needs it with adding text as well through their art department. Just reach out to and they can help you customize your product. I hope that helps!


Agreed. Love teamsnap, but the new team store is horrible! Limited selection and design functionality. No ability to preview products, no ability to change or update. Zero customization. The previous team store process was much better. Will not be using this function. It is a downgrade.

Stephanie Myers  

Thanks for using TeamSnap, and I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the new store. KitOrder, who powers the store, has said they’ll add additional available items to the store as requested. If you wish to request an item or need help customizing a product, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them at

Dawn Sayers  

Agree with above comments! Really difficult to set up. Yes the people at Kit Order are helping but they basically had to take over my set up because it is so glitch! Limited selection and color selection is terrible. Old store was way better!

John H  

Agree with all comments!! I manage three – four teams a season and I am a TeamSnap advocate! The old team store was great. You had greater flexibility and options. I am NOT spending more time now talking with customer service. I thought that was the business model for TeamSnap – Coaches can be more efficient and effective with our limited time. Terrible change! I will be turning off the Team Store Tab for my teams going forward. What a waste.


First I could do basically nothing without designing and creating a logo. Several hours later, I uploaded it, and there was no “turn background transparent” feature so it looked awful. Today, it appears to have been fixed, but we still have no ability to change the color of garments – almost everything is white. Who wants only white sweatpants in their store? Our colors are royal blue and white, and I am seeing nothing blue available at all and no idea how to change it. After the initial setup, I couldn’t go back and change from blue&white to just blue. If kitorder is standing behind their store, then they should put their email prominently on the site.

Stephanie Myers  

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble, Darren. KitOrder’s email address is They’ll be happy to assist you with your store.


KitOrder provided fast support and fixed everything right away. Kudos!


Is it possible to update colors? Our colors are actually GARNET and Gold.. not red…


Stephanie Myers  

Email and they’ll help you out!


Please Bring Back the Old Team Store. This New Store is Absolutely Terrible!


I have been trying to create a team store for two weeks now. Every time I try, I get a message that says creating your store……uploading logo. That screen will remain running for hours and the store never gets created. Does this store actually work?

Stephanie Myers  

Hi there, the store does, indeed, work, but I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems with it! Please email, and they’ll be happy to get you set up.

Chris Shullaw  

I gave the new store a fair shot but I have to take a wild guess here and say this “new and improved” store was more of a business gain for TeamSnap than an improvement for the TeamSnap customers. I’m always willing to try new things but TeamSnap, you have to realize this was a bad move for the customer. You literally have to do so much work just to get it to “work”. In the first place I had the issue “uploading logo” screen forever. I had to email them to start me over. Once in the store it loaded my team name wrong. Apparently this was my fault. The old store did everything for you automatically. Unfortunately I regret to inform you that my team parents and my coaching staff will continue to order from the old site on our own.

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