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  • What Message is Jurgen Klinsmann Sending to Our Youth? (May 27th, 2014)

    As many Americans who love soccer did on Thursday, I eagerly awaited the announcement of this year’s 23-player roster for this summer’s World Cup. And, along with so many others, I was surprised that arguably one of the most brilliant players the U.S. has ever produced, Landon Donovan, was left off the roster by Jurgen Klinsmann.

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  • Youth Soccer Injury Prevention Tips (May 14th, 2014)

    By Jen Lesea, M.S., CSCS, TeamSnap’s Guest Writer on Nutrition and Health and Founder of FitWise Training.

    As the soccer season begins, all youth soccer players are excited to start playing again. One thing to remember is that many injuries happen at the beginning of the season. Many of these injuries can be preventable! Below are some tips to help stay injury free for this soccer season and beyond:

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  • Is Your Child Getting Enough Zinc? (Jan 28th, 2014)

    By Claire Gaunt, guest writer and biology and nutritional science specialist.

    Growing kids who take part in sports require a range of nutrients for growth. When it comes to minerals, the emphasis might be on calcium and iron, but did you know that zinc is also essential? Not only is this micronutrient vital for their growth, but it also important for a range of processes in the body that are relevant to anyone who participates in regular exercise. As up to 10% of children in the US are thought to have a deficiency of this mineral, it’s helpful as a parent to understand where zinc can be sourced from in the diet.

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  • Active Kids and the Importance of Nutrients for Growth (Dec 18th, 2013)

    By TeamSnap’s Guest Writer Claire Gaunt, biology and nutritional science specialist.

    Even over the holidays, when your kids are training for sports, you want to provide them with the right foods to fuel their activities. You should also provide your child with the right foods to promote their growth. Certain nutrients are essential to achieve optimal growth; this helps their performance in sports and can help to promote their overall health. Here we consider which macro and micronutrients are vital for growing bodies and where these can be sourced in the diet.


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  • Concussions: More than a “Bump on the Head” (Dec 3rd, 2013)

    Karen McAvoy is the Director at the Center for Concussion, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

    In recent years, more attention than ever has turned toward concussions, and parents of young athletes are — and should be — concerned about this often overlooked and underestimated injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), concussion is one of the most commonly reported injuries in children and adolescents who participate in sports and recreation activities, accounting for 65 percent of the concussions treated each year in emergency departments.

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  • Why We Need To Keep Kids Moving At School (Nov 4th, 2013)

    By Dan Peterson, TeamSnap’s Guest Writer about sports science and skill development for young athletes.

    Ask a group of grade school students to name their favorite class and the overwhelming and immediate response is “recess!”  Kids are not wired to sit still for hours focused on learning math equations or memorizing facts.  They’re built to move and need the time in their day to unplug their brain and restart their legs.  However, school administrators and teachers are facing growing pressure to reduce this play time in favor of more instruction time to meet tougher academic standards.  Two new research studies argue that would be counterproductive showing that exercise and aerobic fitness are key contributors to cognitive performance.

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  • Lightning Safety: Four things parents, children, athletes and coaches need to know (Oct 8th, 2013)

    Kimberly Brooke Pengel, M.D., is board certified in both Pediatrics and Pediatric Sports Medicine.

    Do your children know to come inside when they are playing in a thunderstorm?  Do you know how to protect yourself from lightning?  Does your child’s coach call off practice/games in a thunderstorm?

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