Author: Mandy Green

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  • 3 Ways To Get Your To-Do List Done Faster (Jan 16th, 2014)

    Mandy Green is a Division 1 Head Soccer Coach,  President of Coaching Productivity Strategies and author of Green Time Management.

    I’m sure you can relate — I have way too much stuff to do. I’ve been a coach in youth and collegiate athletics for the past 15 years. In that time, I was having a hard time working all day in my college coaching job and then coming home to organize all of my youth teams and spend quality time with my husband and kids.  I no doubt needed a better way to get my work done so I had more time to hang out with family. To solve the problem, I went out and bought every time and energy management book that I could and synthesized it all together. The result was a time management system for coaches.

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