Author: Jesse Quijano

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  • Is My Player Ready for Competitive Soccer? Part 2 (Jul 11th, 2012)

    Last time we looked at several topics I believe should be considered in determining if your player is ready for the jump to club soccer. Things such as whether the lifestyle of club soccer was a good fit for your family, if your player had enough passion for the game, and examining your own motives. You can see the entire article here. My list is by no means definitive, but I have been managing and coaching soccer teams for 10 years now and these are the most common mistakes I see parents making for their children. This time around I will wrap up with a few more hot topics for your consideration:

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  • “Simulation”: Cheating or Gamesmanship? (Apr 30th, 2012)

    Webster defines simulation as “the act or process of pretending; feigning.”

    For those not familiar with how the term applies to soccer, it can best be characterized as attempting to fool the referee into calling a foul in your team’s favor.  Commonly called flopping or diving, it can occur anywhere on the field, but is usually attempted inside the 18 yard box outside the opponent’s goal because a foul called inside this area is awarded a penalty-kick (essentially a free goal).

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  • Is My Player Ready for Competitive Soccer? Part 1 (Apr 11th, 2012)

    This is a question every parent should be asking themselves BEFORE they bring their player to a club (“travel team”) tryout.  I have seen time and time again where parents bring their player out to one of our practices and the player is clearly in over their head and not ready for the challenge of playing on our gold-level team.  You can help avoid confidence crushing rejection – and rejection will happen at some point, no matter how good your player is – by taking your time and considering the important issues I will be covering over the next two articles.

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