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  • A Message from TeamSnap CEO Dave DuPont (Feb 4th, 2014)

    2013 was a fabulous year for TeamSnap and 2014 is off to a great start with some big news – today we’re announcing a $7.5 million investment round led by The Foundry Group.

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  • What Ever Happened to TeamLink? (May 14th, 2012)

    If you’re one of our early club, league and association customers — or just plain observant — you may have noticed that we’re no longer using “TeamLink” to describe our solution for multi-team organizations.

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  • Never Too Important to Answer Customers (Nov 25th, 2011)

    Steve Jobs’ recent death has prompted many comments about his extraordinary accomplishments. His vision, passion and communication skills are often sited but I suspect that plain, old-fashioned contact with real customers also played a role. Check out this article at CNN. All of us at TeamSnap jump on the support lines on a regular basis and I am encouraged that Steve found it worthwhile himself.

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  • Making the Difference (Apr 22nd, 2011)

    I love messages like the following, which I just received today:

    “Hi Dave, I’m not sure if this email address is reaching you, Dave Dupont, CEO of Teamsnap. If it is, I just want to tell you how nice it is having a receptive audience from your staff to listen to my ideas to make Teamsnap better. I found Margaux on your company’s Facebook page, and she responded to me immediately. She provided excellent Customer Service, and she should be applauded for it.”

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  • Who Is Helping Whom? How Our Customers Are Using Support To Help Us (Dec 7th, 2010)

    TeamSnap’s reason for being is to make life easier for those who organize and participate in team and group activities. TeamSnap is a technological tool, but we do not assume our customers are technologists or professional organizers. We do everything we can to make the application über-intuitive, so obvious that any user can pick it up and use it.

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  • “I Just Died and Went To Heaven” (Oct 8th, 2010)

    Every once in a while we receive a customer message that brings a smile to our faces and a glow to the whole team. The quote above is from a message that continued:

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  • TeamSnap Represents at the CitySolve Urban Race (Aug 10th, 2010)

    Thanks to some quick running and crack problem solving, our own team of TeamSnap Vice President Andrew Berkowitz and partner Hadas Cassorla recorded an impressive top-10 finish in the CitySolve Urban Race in Portland, Oregon this weekend.

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  • Fox News Profiles TeamSnap (Jun 30th, 2010)

    Nina Sporano of Fox News Denver just did a profile on TeamSnap.  The profile does a great job of describing why a team or group would want to use TeamSnap, and features one of our many non-sport applications, book groups.

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  • TeamSnap Secures New Funding (Jun 8th, 2010)

    Our customers and partners will be heartened to learn that TeamSnap has secured new funding which will help take us to the next level. TeamSnap already enjoys a vibrant, engaged customer base around the world. The money invested in the company will allow us to expand our feature set and accelerate our reach, and we remain solidly committed to retaining our world-class ease-of-use and the personalized service that is our hallmark.  Thanks for being part of our success to date.

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  • TeamSnap Around the World (Jun 4th, 2010)

    You know you have a good thing when people around the world not just know about you, but are using your software.  We have customers in 94 countries now, including a number we have never heard of before.  Check out the list so far:

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  • Good News, Slightly Bad News, Good News (Apr 13th, 2010)

    Many of you must be getting the word out about TeamSnap, because our subscriber base is growing dramatically.  With all the new traffic, however, you might have noticed a slight slowdown in loading your team pages, especially during peak times of the day like lunchtime and early evening.

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  • We Applaud a Great Bit of Sportsmanship (Mar 15th, 2010)

    One of our customers forwarded us the attached, which describes the compassion of the US women’s under-17 soccer team after defeating Haiti in a qualifying match.  The reaction of the US goalie, Bryane Heaberlin, and the rest of the US team to the despondency of Hati’s goalie after the 9-0 drubbing exemplifies sensitivity and sportsmanship.  We applaud Bryane and her teammates.  They represent the best of what sports can be about.

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  • TeamSnap presents at Open Angel Forum (Feb 4th, 2010)
    A big shout-out tonight about a great new angel investment forum that TeamSnap just finished presenting to, the Open Angel Forum (
    Your subscription revenues pretty much cover the salaries of the small but dedicated team that runs TeamSnap.  We are actively raising money, however, to accelerate the development of new features that many of you have been asking for.
    That means we talk to individual investors, investor groups and venture capitalists all the time.
    The couple of hours we just spent with the OAF Forum tonight in Boulder, Colorado was the most valuable investment-oriented experience we have yet to be involved in.
    What made it good?  In a word, serious investors and world-class emerging growth companies, (including TeamSnap of course).  Rigorous screening for the invitation-only event ensured that only the crème de la crème from both groups were there.  Investors had to have made three significant investments in the last year.  The five companies present, on the other hand, were hand-picked from over 100 who applied.  Bottom line: people actively looking to invest, companies that are the real deal, and fantastic cross-pollination of ideas.
    Hats off to Jason Calacanis for coming up with the concept and personally overseeing its expansion across the country, and to Brad Feld and David Cohen for taking the lead to establish it here in Colorado.
    If you know anyone with a great little company that is trying to expand, or someone looking to invest some of that windfall they made in their last gig, check out the Open Angel Forum.
    Best regards,
    Dave DuPont
    CEO and MCH

    A big shout-out about a great new angel investment forum that TeamSnap just finished presenting to, the Open Angel Forum.

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