Author: Brian Covert

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  • ‘Jock’ or ‘Artist': Why Do Kids Have to Choose? (Sep 24th, 2014)

    Growing up, did you consider yourself to be a “jock,” preferring to exercise your athletic prowess, or an “artist,” pursuing more creative endeavours?

    When I was younger, I played sports so, for better or worse, I was considered a “jock” by a society that seemed fine pegging me in one silo instead of encouraging exploration into anything else. Now, with all these years passed, this makes me regretful. Don’t get me wrong; I loved athletic competition (and still do) but in feeling like I wasn’t able to explore other outlets for my energy, I feel I missed out on an opportunity to fully explore who I was, to express myself as an individual, and to develop confidence through self-expression.

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  • The Technology to Solve Youth Sport’s Big Problem (Jul 22nd, 2014)

    By Brian Covert, Community Builder, Up My Game; TeamSnap user

    There is a problem with participation in kid sport.

    Unknown to many though is just how big the problem is. Right across the board, no matter the sport, the amount of children starting and staying active in sport is decreasing. The good news is that technology offers solutions that could help reverse the trend.

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