New Availability Features Make It Easier to Track Your Roster

When I interview customers about how TeamSnap can improve, the feature they most want to talk about is Availability, which is fun for me, because as the team manager of my daughter’s club soccer team, it’s where I spend most of my time, too.  I’m constantly nagging the parents to answer that seemingly simple question, “Will Tina be at the game Saturday?”  Well, at least I’m constantly nagging Tina’s parents with that one….

So to help us managers get what we need from our players, we’ve added a few new Availability features to the web app, now available for all TeamSnappers on a paid plan.

First, for players who always show up for everything, we’ve added the ability to mark all undecided events with the same status with just one click on the website. Players can look for the button right beneath their name on the Availability page. No more complaining about one-at-a-time updates!

Second, we have a new button viewable only to managers on the Availability page that will allow them to easily send a reminder to members who have not yet set their availability for a specific event. This is a duplicate of the “Send Sign Up Reminders” button that was hidden on each individual event’s page. I say “hidden” because I was a TeamSnap user for three years before learning of this button’s existence. I had been sending manual “availability nag” emails for years, so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across it as an employee. Nirvana!


Third, for coaches and managers who prefer to assume every member of the team is automatically coming to every event, we have a new setting in the Preferences tab that will set all roster members’ availability to “yes” by default for all newly created games and events (team members will still be able to manually change their availability for any event).

While this has been an oft-requested feature, here’s a word of advice you may want to heed before turning this on: don’t forget to inform all members of your team that you’re doing so! You certainly don’t want to be surprised on game day when players who you think are coming don’t show up.

Of course, you may have to have that one awkward conversation with the player who didn’t let you know.  But to me, one tough talk reminding someone about the importance of filling out one’s availability is a lot better than having to nag them every … single … week!


Now, this feature may not be right for every team.  Adult teams may want to stay away, as who’s got time to make everything these days?  But for youth teams where participation at every event is the expectation, not the exception, this may be just the trick for you.

So that’s all for now, but there’s more improvements coming online soon that I can’t wait to tell you about.  I hope these new features will help you get those availability deadbeats in line!



want to add another player for bantam

Stephanie Myers  

Hi there, here are some quick instructions for adding a player to your roster. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact!

Step 1: Within your team dashboard, click on the roster tab and fill in the names and email addresses for your players if you have not already done so.
Step 2: Click on an “Invite to Join” button on the roster page. You will be taken to the invitation page where you can customize your invitation and select who will receive the invite.
Step 3: Once you have invited your players to join, just sit back and relax. After they accept the invitation they will create a TeamSnap account and gain access to the site.


Yeah! You listened on the “availability tab”! Now I’m keeping TeamSnap for another season for sure! The availability tab was my only complaint, but now I have none! I love TeamSnap!

Stephanie Myers  

Woo hoo! That’s what we like to hear!

Bill Davis  

Thanks for the new feature! Is there a way to include a “# Attending” column/slot for the availability? For example, we’re having a team lunch between games at a tournament – I want to know who will be there, and how many of their family will be with them. Maybe there’s already a way to do this?

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Bill, players could use the availability note for that purpose — when they mark their availability, they have an option of including a note. They could there mention who else will be attending. I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thanks!

Megan Bauer  

Is there a way to post a roster for a soccer team? We have x number of people that say they are available for an event, but not everyone can be rostered to go. So, I wish there were a = for us to post rosters. Like a roster tab for each event? As of now, I’ve just been putting that information into the messages section and emailing it to everyone. But, it would be much easier if I could post it in a roster link.


Thanks for the info. Is there a way to assess availability for select only certain players for certain events?

Stephanie Myers  

That’s not an ability that’s currently available, but it is something we’re considering!

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Megan! On the web Schedule tab, click on the particular event to get to the details of it, including a list of the names of who is coming. This is also available on the mobile app by tapping the specific event. You get to see the roster divided by who’s said Yes, No, Maybe, and Undecided. We’ll look into this ability further as well.


I love the new Availability reminder, but have suggestion – right now it allows us to choose “all players” or “all who have not responded” – I would love to add “all players who have not responded” (i.e. omitting “non players”). I really only want to nag the players to keep updating!

Stephanie Myers  

Fantastic idea! We’re actually working on that one … stay tuned! :)


Is there the ability to export a players attendance to a spreadsheet or a separate file that can my emailed out to the parents? I would like to make them aware of the number of sessions that they have attended.

Stephanie Myers  

We don’t currently have that ability, but we’ll look into it!

Andrew Gay  

“Coming Late” (with a toggle for approximate arrival time) be a great option to have for this feature.

Ian Holden  

How about the email reminders? I found out there was a change recently that stopped sending emails to those who had indicated they weren’t attending a game. This causes issues when someone updates a few games in advance with a No but if they received a reminder might realize their schedule changed. At least make it an option for the manager to set.

Stephanie Myers  

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into that one. In the meantime though, players can use the Availability Note to indicate that they’ll be late.

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Ian, we haven’t made any changes to stop sending email reminders. They still get sent regardless of whether players say they are a no or a yes. However, you may be talking about how the Manager is unable to use the Manual Availability Reminder button if they have set up their team to not allow players to change availability after a certain time? We disable that button after the manager-determined deadline so that we don’t remind players to do something they can no longer do. If you wish to change that, you can adjust the deadline. We are also enhancing the functionality of refining the list of who the managers can send those Manual Availability Reminders to, in an update to come! I hope that helps! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to


I see the Availability feature with email reminders is available for the paid subscription levels, is it available for “free” users?

Stephanie Myers  

These features are available to users on paid plans, but not the free plan.


Is it possible to have 2 separate logins for the same child (using separate email addresses), for example, for a mom and dad living in separate households?

Stephanie Myers  

That is possible! It’s called Shared Access, and here’s a handy dandy article on how to set it up:

Should you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support team at Thanks!


I love how you can send availability reminders to those who have not responded! But I would love to be able to include the ones who have responded as a maybe as well. On many occasion players with the yellow question mark do not update their availability beyond the maybe…so I have been manually removing the ? and then clicking on “send availability reminder” in order to get an accurate response. Crucial on the day before game day!

Stephanie Myers  

Thanks for the input! That feature is coming soon … stay tuned!

Lisa B  

I am def LOVING THIS APP & website, but I wish there was a way you could tell when they have read your email, you sent out. For instance, our fields were suddenly closed, so practice HAD to be cancelled & we didn’t find out until a few hours before. So when I emailed everyone, I just crossed my fingers that they all read about practice being cancelled. I wish I could tell when they’ve read the email. Or something like that. :)

Stephanie Myers  

Thanks for the kind words, Lisa! Unfortunately, we don’t offer read receipts, but you could ask people to respond to your email, confirming its receipt. For a sudden change like that, we’d recommend also sending a text message alert, to ensure players and parents get the news. Play on! :)

Stephanie Myers  

Good news, Owners and Managers! We just made an improvement to our Availability Reminder feature that allows you to segment out your “nag” emails! For example, you can now exclude non-players, or perhaps people who have said “Yes,” or just email your “wafflers” who have checked “Maybe.” Pretty cool!


Is there a way to omit players from the “Availability Default” as some of our parents like to be able to go in and check off their own availability as a way of keeping track of new events that have been posted. For example – when checking on my iPhone, if the availability status for my child has not yet been check off, i know that I have not put it in my iCalendar.

Stephanie Myers  

Hi Michele, thanks for using TeamSnap! You could just opt not to use the Availability Default option, instead allowing each parent to check their availability individually. Also, there is the ability to subscribe automatically to the Schedule feature (Schedule Tab), which means events will auto-sync to your iCal. If you have any other issues, please reach out to Play on!

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