Happy 5th Birthday, TeamSnap!

You know TeamSnap helps you organize your teams and social groups, but do you know how TeamSnap got its start? TeamSnap was founded by a secret society of underwater welders who decided to learn code. No, that’s not true.

But we were founded by a couple social scientists and an improv comedian who had a vision for making group organization easier.

Since our first beta launch in 2007, TeamSnap has been passionately dedicated to taking the hassle out of managing, coaching and organizing team sports and groups.

After incorporating thousands of user suggestions, TeamSnap officially launched as a commercial product — and incorporated company — in 2009, and this week, we’re celebrating five years of helping people around the world manage their teams and other activities.  Although we continue to grow, our mission remains the same: build a great product that any parent, coach, team manager, group organizer or sentient robot can pick up and use immediately.

We believe in the power of community, athletics and teamwork, and we want every one of our customers to spend less time organizing and more time doing.

You’ve probably heard that we have about 7 million users and 400,000 teams worldwide, but what have we done just in the past year?



 Graphic by Monica Boeger.



Happy 5th Birthday, TeamSnap! (Although in Internet years it’s your 23.5th birthday…)

Valerie Steinier-Vanderstraeten  

Congratulations and happy birthday, Team Snap!!


It is great to be part of the Teamsnap family. Happy birthday and hopefully many lore to come.


Happy birthday team snap you have all done a wonderful job

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