Blackberry 10 Users Can Now Get TeamSnap on Their Devices

Dance, Blackberry 10 users! TeamSnap can now run on your device.

OK, OK, so we’re not Blackberry 10 native yet, but thanks to some shenanigans in the latest Blackberry OS you can easily run our outstanding Android app on your Blackberry 10 device and enjoy all the TeamSnap goodness at the field, rink or court.

Here’s how to set it up in three easy steps:

  1. Download and install the Amazon App Store app. Here’s some help if you have problems.
  2. Open the Amazon App Store app, search for “TeamSnap” and press the Install button.
  3. [Optional] Prepare a recovery beverage, with the proper mix of carbs, protein and fats.

teamsnap blackberry10The Amazon App Store will also help you keep the TeamSnap app updated as we release new versions.

Keep in mind that we don’t offer official support for sideloading our Android app onto Blackberry 10, so not every nook and cranny of the Android app may look or work perfectly on your BB device. But we know that our Blackberry 10 users are a passionate group of supporters, so we wanted to make sure that everyone knew how easy it is get TeamSnap onto your phone.

And keep an eye on the ever-growing list of mobile platforms supported by official and 3rd-party TeamSnap apps. We’re always looking to get TeamSnap onto more devices and are keen to work with any developers who want to partner in bringing TeamSnap to the masses.



Please make a windows phone app

Wade Minter  

We continue to keep an eye on the mobile market, including Windows Phone. No plans yet, but we are aware of the interest!


THANK YOU FOR ADDING THE MOBILE APP TO BB10!!!!! Yes, I WILL dance!!! I’ve emailed a few times begging for it, so thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!




When will you have a Windows Phone app?


Excellent, thanks for the information!!!!


Running an Android app is nice but having a native BlackBerry app is even better. Hopefully this will happen someday.

Cheers. :)


Wade – Thank you for pointing us Windows Phone users toward the Champion third party app, but it would be great to have an official Team Snap app for Windows Phone.


What about a Windows Phone app?


Please provide windows app for the snap

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